Want to know

something about us?

Let us walk you through some of our basic concepts

We are Genuine.

Studio 90 Solutions is based on the concept of customer care always, by providing them better solutions, international standards and open source systems.

As we never lock you with weird contracts and you are always open to find a replacement.

Although, we never want you to go ever. This gives Studio 90 Solutions a big challenge to keep you happy with our designing, development and support. Our friendly and experienced staff including our designers, developers and support team is being trained time to time. We believe there is always space for us to improve our working culture and services. Our dedicated team keep on finding better designing approaches, better way to write code and extremely important for us to manage our clients. All these things enables us to keep you contract free.

Our Core Values

We are Caring.

We really love our work and care to share it with everyone. We manage our clients with complete care and support. Our expert designers and developers guide you in each step with helpful guidelines.

We are Learners.

We understand very well that the technology is evolving all the time and we love to learn new tools and techniques to be updated. We use this updated knowledge with you and the society in best ways.

We are Experienced.

We know that the experience matters a lot. And the knowledge we have gained over the years help us to give you better advice for choosing better solutions for your digital online presence.

We are Green.

We are not green in color but Studio 90 Solutions care the environment and society. Our experts conduct regular seminars and participate in different workshops to keep our society updated for improvements.

Our Mission

Apart from designing and development improvements, Studio 90 Solutions is always concerned about client needs, staff ambitions and more about the society around us.

Understanding Clients: There is a huge gap between tech oriented companies and their clients. Studio 90 Solutions takes this as our main priority to reduce this gap by understanding clients better. We took several steps like by explaining projects in easy English rather than tech oriented prostrations.

Transparency: We never think about our benefits only. Rather we believe in a win-win situation. Our second major priority is to inform clients as per our experience that where they should spend their money and which parts of project might waste their money and energy.

Individual Emotions: Studio 90 Solutions never consider any individual as their employee rather we believe that they are prat of Studio 90 Solutions family. We practically listen to their individual thoughts, ideas and observations with respect and appreciation. Each individual in our company have the right to speak, breath and play on equal grounds.

Learn Together: We consider it our obligation to conduct regular meetings where our designers, developers and other team members learn to communicate with clients, learn new tools and technologies, participate in community events. Our ultimate goal with all this is to be better human beings.

Society Education: We never want to grow alone. Our society is important to us and with this in mind, we do our level best to educate small and medium businesses that how they can be benefited with this era of technology. To achieve this, we do the hard part of research for specific industries and conduct special seminars to educate the community.

Green Community: Studio 90 Solutions not only love technology, designing websites and coding projects but we are art loving people. We not only participate in green events but we practically work hard to get a green environment for us and for our future generations.

Our Vision

Our vision is never to be the world’s largest company, but to be the most trustworthy and satisfied company for small and medium local businesses. We seek to make a better place for designers & developers to play with ideas and concepts.

Customer Trust: Every project and client matters to us, either it’s a one page website or a gigantic ERP system. We plan to care every customer to achieve their trust and satisfaction. We seek to offer best possible advice as per industry trends and our expert’s experience. This will eventually offer the best value of money to our clients.

Improvement instead of perfection: We believe that we can never be perfect but we can improve our selves on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Our struggle to improvement not only belongs to design and code but to improve our personalities, minds, hearts and souls.

Creative Lab: At Studio 90 Solutions, our vision is to convert this working place into a creative lab. Everyone working at Studio 90 Solutions can play with ideas and concepts. We encourage students, fresh graduates and business owners alike to be part of this creative adventure. In this way, we can share with community the best possible solutions created by our creative lab.

Serve Each City: Over the next 10 years, we strive to be in 400+ major cities of the world. In this way we would be able to provide better services to each local community with our physical presence.